Brexit Briefing


With the Brexit vote looming, many of Faleiro’s clients were faced with the same questions: What is going to happens? If the UK votes to leave the EU, what are the implications for companies operating in the UK and the EU? How might this affect my company and how do I incorporate into our planning for 2017 and beyond?

As a result of hearing these questions repeatedly, and at the request of the Global Executive’s Council, Faleiro coordinated a briefing for June 21st, two days before the vote. The roundtable discussion was hosted by one the GEC members, and Faleiro was able to arrange for Bruno Verstraete, partner in Zurich-based Lakefield Partners and CNBC contributor to keynote the meeting / roundtable discussion. Mr. Verstraete was able to provide the group with not only insights from Europe, but also an assessment from the financial community operating both in London and on the continent.

Faleiro clients who are interested in learning more about Mr. Verstraete’s conclusions should reach out to their Faleiro contact directly. In addition, a GEC Brexit Briefing is available for those clients who are interested.