Faleiro Managing Director Leads Q1-2017 Issue of Dutch Business Magazine

With the new Trump administration getting settled in Washington, companies whose business interests involve the United States are wondering what American trade policy will look like over the coming years. With much of the campaign rhetoric having been focused on ending trade agreements and raising tariffs, many are seeking information in order to be able to make business effective decisions with respect to their plans involving the US market. Quarterly Dutch business magazine TOM (Twents Ondernmers Magazine) interviewed Faleiro Managing Director Christian Bartley to gain an understanding of what opportunities the US market may hold for European companies under the new administration, and what the impact of proposed policy directions may mean for the global economy. This was the cover story for their first quarter 2017 issue.

More on TOM Magazine can be found at http://www.tommagazine.nl/. Electronic copies of the magazine (Dutch only) are available for tablet or mobile device via http://www.magzine.nu/.