Pending Changes on US Sanctions & Embargoes: Impacts for US Companies

The past several quarters have seen a number of changes in US foreign policy that could have effects – both positive and negative – on future opportunities for American companies and American subsidiaries of non-US companies. Continually increasing sanctions aimed at the political leadership in Russia, warming of relations between the United States and Cuba, and a signed Iran nuclear deal are significant changes companies in key sectors should be paying attention to as they are developing or updating their short and mid-range strategic plans.

In light of these recent political shifts, and the potential effects, Faleiro asked one of its corporate members of the Global Executive Council present their findings on the political changes with respect to these markets. In mid-April, the GEC and interested Faleiro clients was hosted by one of the GEC member companies where a presentation was made by the GEC member corporate council for trade (company name withheld by request) and a lively discussion ensued. The session was also attended by several Faleiro associates including Patrick Cronin, José Gutierrez, and Christian Bartley.

For more information on the topic / presentation / GEC:
If you are a Faleiro client and were not able to attend but are interested in receiving a copy of the presentation, please reach out directly to your Faleiro client contact.