The Story

In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan set off to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe. His trusted navigator, the one who made it possible for Magellan’s crew to achieve his goal, was a man named Ruy Faleiro.

Like the famous sailor and his invaluable navigator, the firm Faleiro works closely with its clients to plan out and map their course for international growth. Faleiro specializes in partnering with companies to help them overcome challenges associated with competing in new markets, strengthening existing positions, and achieving the next level of global growth and success.

From comprehensive feasibility studies to business and marketing strategy, from finding new international JV or M&A targets to NPIs to tactical plans for promotion and market penetration, Faleiro works with clients not only to develop, but more importantly implement strategies in international markets that provide a positive return on investment.

Most have never heard of Ruy Faleiro but they do know Magellan. As Faleiro the navigator remained behind the scenes allowing the credit to be taken by Magellan, today’s Faleiro works discretely behind the scenes with our Magellans allowing them to circumnavigate the globe in their own right.

Service Approach

Faleiro’s work can best be described as specialized executives being brought in to an organization to accomplish a specific business objective. It is a way for companies to expand their capabilities, bringing in a fresh, experienced perspective, in a cost effective manner. Faleiro is not a consultancy that writes reports. While analyses are done and recommendations made as steps towards achieving any business goal, Faleiro’s work moves beyond this by contributing to decision making and helping drive implementation. From solidifying existing relationships to establishing new ones, from setting up new offices to building departments, companies who engage with Faleiro derive positive value from their work together.

Business Approach

Faleiro’s business approach is rather unique in this industry. Faleiro does not directly market or advertise its services. Nor does it simply take on any project, regardless of size and focus. Instead, Faleiro principals evaluate each opportunity on an individual basis. If the project in question (the client need) is aligned with our core competencies and a proactive business relationship has been established, Faleiro will provide the client with a documented process detailing the recommended approach. This is then discussed, appropriate modifications made, and once finalized, the work begins.

Most strategy related projects launched by Faleiro last 6-12 months, with implementation and oversight continuing thereafter for a pre-set period of time guided by a phase out process. Although client engagements sunset, nearly every business relationship we have established since the company’s inception are still in place. Faleiro will still provide insight, evaluation, and follow-up for its clients on an ongoing basis to ensure effective growth beyond initial implementation.

For more specific information or to see if Faleiro can be of assistance to your company, please contact us directly.