Specializing in helping the small to mid-sized entity with their new market penetration, Faleiro offers a suite of services that can be brought together in a full phased approach. For the small company who is making their first international endeavor, Faleiro is a trusted partner, mentor, coach, working with management to help them learn the as they go through the process. Faleiro also helps with implementation, not simply providing a report, but standing by its recommendations and helping manage the client’s international growth.

For the mid-market entity who may have some experience with international sales, Faleiro is the external expertise with an independent perspective that also has the benefit of being an addition of temporary resource capacity. Faleiro brings in market intelligence, expert analysis, and recommendations that are delivered with a business case prioritization.

Projects involving end-to-end feasibility to implementation may be done under the auspices of Faleiro/THI (F/THI), a joint venture specifically designed to incorporate the tactical global trade value chain expertise of seamlessly getting product from factory to customer.

Feasibility Studies – Are you ready for the market / Is the market ready for you?
The first step in any initial attempts at securing a foothold in the global marketplace is to conduct a feasibility study. Can be comprised of two facets with Faleiro looking both internally and externally to determine chances for success. Internal examinations include reviewing existing and planned SOPs in areas such as BD, supply-chain, logistics, regulatory compliance, payment processing; organizational structure and information flow; long-term strategic plans; and interviewing senior leadership. Results detail existing strengths and recommend areas to be bolstered, including tactical changes that may be required. Internal assessments can help with risk mitigation and speed-to-market.

External assessments focus on reviewing desired markets for barriers to entry, competitive threats, and overall customer opportunity. Results may include recommendations on possible product / service offering modifications that may make client’s offering more desirable based on customer needs in the market.

In rare cases, for either internal or external reasons, or some combination of both, a determination of market infeasibility may be made. It is our belief that it is less expensive to invest to find out that a risk may not be worth taking rather than to embark, spending time and resources that will eventually be wasted, and be a distraction from existing opportunities.

Landscape Assessment
Sometimes companies simply need a independent comprehensive overview of a market. Whether already selling limited amounts in the target country or considering it for future penetration, the landscape assessment provides company leadership with critical information needed to make informed decisions about a targeted market. This is a broad picture encompassing competitive forces, sales and distribution channels, marketing channels and influencers, customers categories and buying behaviors, supplier influences, regulatory and policy environment, among other factors.

Market Selection
Opportunities vary by markets. In some cases, such as with larger markets – i.e. United States, Europe, China, Russia, it can be advantageous to select a specific area within a market. Factors involved in target market selection can be both internal and external. Faleiro is experienced at compiling critical factors from the client and the area of interest and putting it together in such a way as to recommend which markets may be most appropriate to prioritize.

Market Penetration Strategy
Once feasibility for the company, product/service, and target region has been determined, and once the specific target area has been identified, then the development of how best to penetrate the market begins. From marketing to distribution, from sales to training, from regulatory considerations to logistical planning, the market penetration strategy is the end-to-end playbook built for a company. More than just a document, the market penetration strategy also involves active introductions, relationship development, and brand building for our clients in the target markets, with potential customers, distributors, logistics providers, and other key support personnel.

International Operations Set-up / Management
Specifically designed for companies who may not have the internal expertise and/or manpower to manage an “international department”, Faleiro can both help manage initial international operations while helping to build the foundation for an international department. Included are budgeting & scenario planning, job descriptions, functional responsibilities, and assistance with hiring and training.

Corporate Training
For companies looking to educate staff members on topics that are critical to cross-border & cross-cultural business. Training can be both in-person or via webinar. A variety of topics can be covered, including but not limited to cross-cultural management, foreign partner due-diligence, logistical planning, etc. Training can be custom designed for a company, industry focused, or regionally specific.