Faleiro understands the challenges faced by larger companies who may already have an existing international presence. Often the combination of market pressures with standard practices create a tunnel vision that results in a lack of nimbleness that allows the company to quickly react to changing market conditions. Faleiro comes in with an expertise and an independent perspective, adding temporary resource capacity that brings in market intelligence, expert analysis, and recommendations delivered with a business case prioritization. Services may range from high-level global strategy planning to specific tactical issues pertaining to an individual market.

New Market Penetration Decision Modeling
Deciding on which markets to enter and when is a complex question involving both internal and external variables. Developing a model that incorporates both internal considerations as well as market conditions can help with mid- and long-term strategic planning as well as provide a quantitative business model for senior level decision making.

In-Market Resource Searches: Manufacturing, Semi/Complete Knock Down (S/CKD), Distribution
Leveraging resources in target countries has a number of advantages from speed to market, to cost reduction, to risk mitigation. In certain cases, local manufacturing, assembly, SKD or CKD can facilitate regulatory compliance, be an option for tariff alleviation, and in certain cases provide financial advantages. Finding and vetting the right resources can be challenging, and companies often discover that having an external partner like Faleiro focus on such a search provides a number of advantages such as removing the chance of internal biases, being more cost effective, preventing internal resources from being spread to thin, and leading to faster implementation than if done internally.

Strategic Partner Searches: Joint Venture / Merger / Acquisition
Whether a company is looking to grab market share, expand regional production capacity, extend product or service offerings, or simply accelerate growth, strategic plays must be focused, confidential, and often conducted under tight timelines. In cases like this, bringing in a boutique firm like Faleiro can provide a number of advantages, including a small team operating discreetly, under the radar, with deep contacts in key markets. This service can also be used as a preparatory step for companies looking to be acquired without letting target acquirers know about the potential until the appropriate time, gathering information on how best to position for maximum value and interest by a target or set of target acquirers.

Strategic Market Landscape & Business Case
Strategic market landscapes are used by decision makers in a variety ways – from determining which markets to focus on first to deciding where to invest in facilities, sales offices, or regional headquarters. Information typically desired by clients in an SML include economic assessments, geopolitical risk considerations, regulatory constraints, tariff & non-tariff barrier considerations, free trade agreements, investment incentives, competitive landscapes, customer demographics. Depending upon the purpose and scope, this can also be developed into a business case for investment considerations or weighing different types of strategic options.

Regional Deep Dives
Geared for marketing, the regional deep dive focuses on a target market through the lens of customer engagement. These assessments bring together detailed information on customer demographics, market drivers, key influencers, in-country competitors &foreign competitors in-market, brand perceptions to name a few. The information gathered is extremely useful for both strategic planning, marketing strategy & marketing communications, and sales. Tools developed that can be regularly updated by the client. Good preparation for NPD, NPI, and Customer Persona development.

New Product Initiatives / Introductions
Launching a product in a new market, or launching a new product in a nascent market requires comprehensive planning. Bringing in external experts who know how to successfully overcome the challenges of global business, who are also experts in strategic planning and operational marketing, and who can execute, can help minimize risk and maximize opportunity. NPI is complex enough when rolled out in home markets. The challenges are multiplied when markets change, doubly so when combined with a new market. Success is possible with the proper information, planning, and expertise.

New Product Development
Products may sell better when adjusted to the specific needs, tastes, and desires of the customer market. Differences may not necessarily be dramatic (or costly), but the ROI on the investment in slight customizations can often be significant, and in some cases be the difference between success and failure. The earlier in the NPD cycle Faleiro is brought in, the less the cost of potential market modifications, and the greater the impact.

Customer Personas
A critical tool for marketing, customer personas help define the target audiences, providing a common language across the company when talking about customer sub-sets. This is particularly useful for ensuring effective communication between portfolio / product management, marketing, and sales teams. Personas developed for multiple markets also allow for identification of similar traits and trends that can be useful in both marketing and product development, leading to cost streamlining and contributing to margin maximization.