USLNG Exports and Global Energy Security

CEO Roundtable 

The USLNG Association and the American Exploration & Production Council hosted a roundtable with 30 US energy company CEOs and representation from 10 European countries. Faleiro Chair Christian Bartley participated in the meeting, representing Belgium in his capacity as Advisor for Economic Diplomacy. 

Held in Houston, there were two major purposes to the meeting – a discussion about the future of LNG exports from the US to Europe in light of the current geopolitical situation vis-à-vis Ukraine/Russia, and a mid-term forecast of the LNG market based upon new supply coming online in 2024 and the rise of Asia. 

According to Bartley, “It was clear by the questions and discussion around the table that the topic is one of genuine interest from both the American energy leaders and the European governments. Europe was fortunate that this past winter was mild, but the question remains about the future and Europe’s commitment to a new long-term source of LNG.”