Director, Faleiro/THI
President, TradeHub International

A Director of Faleiro/THI and President of TradeHub International, Anthony Russo, is a graduate from Charleston Southern University with a BA in Marketing and MBA in Business Administration. He has spent over ten years working in global business, helping companies establish sourcing and sales relationships around the world.

Russo’s international life started in 1997 when he moved to central China to learn Mandarin and to teach English in order to prepare for a career in global trade. Eventually he began working with the South Carolina World Trade Center (SCWTC), where he became their Education and Trade Services Manager. During that time, he worked closely with numerous companies with diverse product lines ranging from pecans to metalworking. He was also responsible for the US Department of Agricultures Export Readiness Training Program for the State of South Carolina. Having become a noted expert on global trade issues across the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) network, he ended up authoring the SCWTC Import/Export curriculum-The Nine Steps of Import/Export.

In June of 2006, the New York headquarters of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) reached out to Mr. Russo to join their global team. He was brought on board as the General Manager of Trade & Development for the WTCA. In this role Mr. Russo brought World Trade Centers together leveraging their strengths in order to develop trade and trade related projects in the areas of import/export, logistics, education, trade missions, staff training, and market research. Mr. Russo worked on projects in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas.

Recognizing a need to provide quality, practical services that integrated suppliers/buyers with full logistics and storage capabilities, Mr. Russo launched TradeHub International (THI). Servicing companies in a range of industries from petrochemical to fashion, THI continued to grow and eventually opened a Mexican subsidiary, THI Mexico.

As a result of his experience in trade education, combined with the practical services offered by THI, national governments began partnering with Russo’s company. Having completed contracts with CCPIT in China, Nova Scotia Business Inc. in Canada, and México Calidad Suprema in Mexico, Russo recruited and worked with companies looking for export opportunities and/or direct foreign investment assistance as they looked to expand internationally.

Over the years, Faleiro and THI have partnered on a number of projects together, bringing the skillsets of their teams to bear for mutual clients. In 2015 a joint venture, Faleiro/THI (FTHI) was created to bring the benefits of both international strategy and tactical execution and management to more companies looking to expand internationally. Russo serves as a Director in this joint venture.

In addition to his work with companies, Russo is passionate about education and he currently team teaches with a colleague in the minor program in international entrepreneurship at Tecnológico de Monterrey. For the past several years he has also given a seminar course on market penetration at Yale University, in a joint program with the Tecnológico de Monterrey. When not working, he can more than likely be found behind the wheel of a car, exploring small towns and villages, tasting their foods, and learning their unique cultures.